Nikhil Sachania keen to make impact at WRC Safari Rally

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 01:22 | By
Nikhil Sachania with his navigator. PHOTO/David Ndolo
Nikhil Sachania with his navigator. PHOTO/David Ndolo

With just 37 days remaining until the highly anticipated WRC Safari Rally is flagged off, preparations are in full swing for Kenyan rally driver Nikhil Sachania and his team.

In an exclusive interview, Nikhil shared insights into their readiness for the event and the excitement surrounding their partnership with KCB Bank.

“We’ve started preparations with the car,” Nikhil Sachania revealed, emphasizing the meticulous process of stripping down and rebuilding the vehicle over the coming week. He expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from KCB, highlighting their pivotal role in enabling their participation in the rally for the third consecutive year.

“KCB has been involved with rallying for so long in Kenya,” Nikhil remarked, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between the bank and the sport. “If there’s no KCB, there’s no rally.”

Reflecting on the significance of the partnership, Nikhil acknowledged the financial backing provided by KCB, emphasizing its crucial role in navigating the challenges posed by the current economic climate. “Without them I don’t think we would have been able to take part in this current rally,” he admitted.

Looking ahead to the rally itself, Nikhil, Kenya’s first paraplegic rally driver,  expressed anticipation for the challenging stages and the potential impact of weather conditions, with hopes for rain to add an extra layer

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