Youths warned on theft of pineapples

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 04:00 | By
Pineapples. PHOTO/Print

Murang’a County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha has warned young people who are trespassing on a Del Monte farm and stealing pineapples, saying they will face the law.

A security operation targeting the theft of the produce is continuing, he said.  The theft has sparked clashes between locals and police officers, with Nkanatha citing a recent incident where officers shot at youths suspected of stealing fruits from the farm.

This led to protests by locals and several people, including six police officers, were injured and property worth millions destroyed.

“We cannot allow these youths to continue invading the farm to steal the produce,” said Nkanatha.

“The company has invested heavily in growing the fruits and some people want to cash in by stealing the produce, and that is not acceptable.”

Potential investors

He lamented that if the theft continues, it might scare away other potential investors.

“The security factor is one of the key considerations that any investor will look at before deciding to establish any project, and that’s why we have to end the thefts,” he said.

He added: “The stolen fruits are sold at the nearby local markets and their uptake has led to increased theft at the farm. “I urge locals to support the security team in its efforts to fight this vice. Let us respect other people’s property and avoid engaging in criminal activities.”

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