State to use wealth testing tool to classify self-employed Kenyans

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 07:15 | By
Health CS Susan Nakhumicha
Health CS Susan Nakhumicha. PHOTO/Print

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha revealed that the government has a testing tool to track the income and wealth of self-employed Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, Nakhumicha said the tool will help calculate the wealth of every Kenyan including the unemployed hence pave the way over how they will remit funds to the controversial Social Health Insurance Funds (SHIF).

“Contrary to what many think, SHIF is going to be inclusive to everyone. This tool is scientific and it will guide properly on who and how every individual will be charged. No one will be charged out of the ordinary,” she said.

 She revealed that the tool will categorise the self-employed, unemployed but with an income, and those who have no income.

“If you are not in any form of employment but you have some form of income, still you are doing self-declaration and therefore, there is a calculation of what would be 2.75 per cent of your income,” Nakhumicha added.

“We have people who have zero income, they should be able to declare and the tool shows that it is true then they fall in the category that they need to be taken care of by the government.”

She, however, cautioned those eyeing to dupe the government into remitting less than their income categories.

Economic characteristics

The CS revealed that the state will study economic characteristics such as their lifestyles and personal belongings to determine the categories they fall in.

“You cannot hide your economic characteristics. If I look at the watch you are wearing, I can give an estimate of what your income is. I want to speak to Kenyans, you don’t have to hide, this is your health, take care of your health,” the CS explained.

“Declare your income yourself and what we are promising is a consistent benefit package that everyone is going to benefit from.”

She further highlighted aspects like the houses individuals live in, the watches they wear and other luxury jewellery.

“If you live in a grass house, it cannot be hidden. We will observe the economic characteristics of the unemployed to see how they will contribute,” she added.

 Nakhumicha revealed that President William Ruto is set to roll out the registration date anytime soon and that NHIF cards will serve alongside SHIF in the initial rollout.

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