State reiterates fierce war on counterfeits, imitations in the country

Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 00:30 | By
Trade and Industries Cabinet Secretary, Rebecca Miano. PHOTO/Print
Trade and Industries Cabinet Secretary, Rebecca Miano. PHOTO/Print

Investment, Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano has vowed that the government will continue raiding all shops selling counterfeit goods warning that all those caught will face full force of the law.

Miano who spoke in the wake of the ongoing raids done by Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) in various parts of the country said the government has taken a deliberate decision to ensure that all fake goods are removed from the market as a way of protecting genuine manufacturers.

 “We are going to be firm from now . What most Kenyans don’t know is that these products are detrimental to health. To promote good trade, more raids are going to be done until we leave a market is clean,” she said.

Miano advised producers and manufacturers in the country to patent their brand so that they are legally protected from being counterfeited.

  “We want to have a collaboration that will see us work together with every stakeholder. Kenyans should be on the watch out. Most of these items appear cheap but they are not of good quality. It is better to spend more money on something that will last rather than always going back to the shop for the same product,” she said.

Going forward Miano sensitized business people to use Electronic Recordation declaration systems for those involved in importing.

Electronic Recordation systems are automated platforms used by customs administration for the management and processing of import data to enhance  deficiency of customs operations.

There has been widespread distribution of counterfeit products, with manufacturers in various letters now calling on the anti-counterfeit agency to swiftly help uphold the integrity of the market. Protecting unsuspecting customers by enforcing intellectual property rights and ensuring the welfare of consumers is invaluable.

The counterfeiting scandal involves imitation of Yamaha brands and non-Yamaha products, such as those of Peavey Company, Crest Audio products, Beringer products, JBL products, Nexo products, and Wharfedale products.

The counterfeiters are accused of affixing the trademark to original products that fall outside the range of products officially produced by various companies. “This misrepresentation is damaging both to consumers who may unknowingly purchase substandard goods and to Yamaha’s brand image. Affected products are Yamaha-branded microphones, drumsticks, powered mixers, Yamaha Analogue mixers, Yamaha branded guitars, branded drums, branded amplifiers, and branded loudspeakers,” Yamaha said in a statement. The companies are now calling on the government, through the anti-counterfeit agency, to take appropriate administrative and statutory actions to address the matter promptly.

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