Security agencies call for technology use to fight violent extremism

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 05:50 | By
Nyanza Regional Commissioner Flora Mworoa speaking to the media in a past event. PHOTO/Print
Nyanza Regional Commissioner Flora Mworoa speaking to the media in a past event. PHOTO/Print

Security agencies have called for integration of use of technology in the fight against violent extremism in the country.

Nyanza Regional Commissioner Flora Mworoa said strengthening of technological advancements in the security system will be integral in the government’s efforts to combat the menace.

Mworoa noted that the violence extremists have advanced in the manner they executive their activities hence the need for security agencies to reciprocate by embracing technology changes. 

Consequently, she emphasised that security officers must be empowered with new technology in the wake of the ever-changing technological environment as well as be equipped with modern machinery for them to effectively deal with violence extremism threat.

“Generally the extremists use technology to advance their criminal activities and sometimes they are ahead of us. Therefore, as a country we also need to up our game in terms of technology otherwise we will be left behind,” Mworoa said.

Speaking in Kisumu town during a public participation forum on the revised National Strategy to Counter Violence Extremism, the commissioner at the same time stressed the need for concerted efforts from both state and non-state actors to deal with the problem.

Community engagement

Violence extremism, she said, endangers the country’s security and impedes economic development aspirations.

Mworoa observed that in many instances young people are most affected as they are often lured into violence extremism.

“We must all work together and this requires community engagement and resilience which are very crucial components of our strategy to tackle the problem,” she said, noting that the cases of violence extremism are very complex as most of the activities are done in secret.

The administrator cautioned residents to be wary of such cases, saying the region was not excluded from the criminals target spots.

She confirmed that a case of violence extremism was witnessed in Siaya county last year, where a police officer died and another injured following an attack.

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