US, South Korea have offered to improve KDF capabilities – Ruto

Saturday, June 8th, 2024 13:12 | By
President William Ruto inspects guard of honour. PHOTO/PCS
President William Ruto inspects guard of honour. PHOTO/PCS

President William Ruto has stated that the United States of America and South Korea have offered to support the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in improving their capabilities.

Ruto made this announcement during his address at Moi Airbase as the Kenya Air Force (KAF) commemorated their 60th anniversary on Saturday June 8, 2024.

Ruto on government commitment

In his speech, President Ruto reiterated the government's commitment to modernizing the Air Force through enhanced equipment and resources.

President Ruto meets South Korea President Yoon Suk during the Korea-Africa summit. PHOTO/PSCU.

"The government is committed to continuing the modernization of the Air Force, ensuring you have the tools, training, and resources needed to meet any challenge," he stated.

He elaborated on the support commitments made during his recent trip to the US, highlighting discussions aimed at enhancing military capabilities for mission readiness.

Ruto also announced South Korea's commitment to improving Kenya's defence capabilities by providing equipment support.

"I am particularly proud that when I was in the US, among the discussions we had were about enhancing the military capabilities to improve our Air Force and the entire Kenya Defence Forces for mission readiness.

Adding that; "I am happy that South Korea has committed to improving some of these capabilities and has offered some of their equipment to support our defence forces."

"We will invest in technology, enhance our skills, and support your missions to keep our nation safe and our future secure. Today, we honour the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to a future filled with promise," he concluded.

KAF anniversary

The Kenya Air Force (KAF) commemorated its 60th anniversary at Moi Airbase, having been established on 1st June 1964, coinciding with Kenya’s first Madaraka Day anniversary. KAF's mission has been to defend and maintain the sovereignty of Kenya’s airspace.

Over the past six decades, KAF has played a crucial role in defending Kenya’s airspace and territorial integrity, supported by bases and forward operating bases across the country.

President William Ruto arrives at Moi Air Base. PHOTO/PCS
President William Ruto arrives at Moi Air Base for KAF at 60. PHOTO/PCS

Their mission extends beyond logistics to include humanitarian efforts and regional cooperation. The well-trained personnel are central to KAF’s success, reflecting a significant investment in diverse skill sets.

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