‘The irony is too much’- Reuben Kigame on Muguka ban

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 08:49 | By
2022 Presidential hopeful Reuben Kigame. PHOTO/@ReubenKigame/X
2022 Presidential hopeful Reuben Kigame. PHOTO/@ReubenKigame/X

Vocal Gospel Musician Reuben Kigame has termed the government's fight against muguka, alcohol, and hard drugs as an irony.

Accusing the government of negligence and causing frustrations, Kigame said that the youths in the country have been denied education adding that the government has failed to create jobs.

“Muguka …alcohol and hard drugs in Kenya! The irony is too much. We deny our youth education, license countless betting companies, promote idleness and cheap pleasure, and failed to create jobs,” he said.

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Reuben Kigame. PHOTO/Wilfred Nyangaresi

The former presidential aspirant further stated that many families in the country are pushed into survival mode with the ongoing demolition by the government, adding that the state should focus first on stabilizing the economy before the war on muguka and hard drugs.

 “(The government) demolishes and evicts people forcefully from their homes destroys the economy, and pushes families into survival mode, then we start pretending to put out fires. Let us go back to the root causes,” he said.

Debate on Muguka

Kigame sentiments come days after the head of state William Ruto, on May 27, 2024, directed that coastal governors should reverse the ban on muguka.

Reuben Kigame. PHOTO/@ReubenKigame/X

“I have held a productive meeting with the leaders of Embu County on the recent ban on muguka. We have agreed that miraa/muguka being a scheduled crop, a meeting will be convened to discuss the issue. Consequently, I have directed the Ministry of Agriculture to convene a forum for all parties and stakeholders concerned. State House, Nairobi,” he said.

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