Parliament police officer arrested for extortion

Thursday, June 6th, 2024 07:05 | By
Parliament Police Officer Corporal John Mwai Mbili. PHOTO/@EACCKenya/X
Parliament Police Officer Corporal John Mwai Mbili. PHOTO/@EACCKenya/X

Parliament Police Officer Corporal John Mwai Mbili is facing corruption charges for attempting to extort Ksh40,000 from a suspect with an outstanding matter at the police station.

The complainant whose name was not disclosed, had been arrested by the police, but after filing with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), the DPP ordered that the complainant be released and the case be resolved without going to court.

The complainant, however, disclosed that he was advised by Corporal Mbili to pay 'something small' to facilitate the matter's closure.

Mwai demanded a bribe of Ksh40,000 from the complainant threatening that if the complainant failed to pay, he would charge him in court with new offences. 

The complainant reported the matter to EACC which conducted an inquiry and later arrested the police officer. 

Mwai was escorted to Integrity Centre Police Station where he was processed and later booked at Kilimani Police Station. 

The suspect has since been released on bail pending the conclusion of the remaining aspects of the investigation.

Police arrested over corruption

In April 2024, another police officer colluded with a thug to rob a cashier of over Ksh15 million at gunpoint at Mitsumi Business Park in Parklands.

A man standing by the window. PHOTO/Pexels
A man standing by the window. PHOTO/Pexels

The DPP then urged a Nairobi court to hand down the death sentence to a police officer.

DPP, through state prosecutor James Gachoka, urged Milimani Chief Magistrate Bernard Ochoi to impose the maximum sentence for Corporal George Onyango Mtere and Bernard Ogutu Okech for robbery with violence.

"The aggravating circumstances surrounding the robbery leave the court with no other alternative but to impose the mandatory death sentence on the former police officer Onyango and Ogutu, whom the court convicted for the capital offence," Gachoka urged.

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