MP raises alarm over delay in school funds

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 03:15 | By
Matungu MP Peter Nabulindo
Matungu MP Peter Nabulindo. PHOTO/Print

Matungu MP Peter Nabulindo has decried the perennial delays in release of capitation funds to schools by the National Treasury.

Nabulindo (pictured) said yesterday many schools were unable to fund their activities because they receive the funds when they have already incurred a lot of expenses and penalties.

He said some heads of schools were literally on the run as they owed suppliers million of shillings for services rendered.

He said others had been taken to court by suppliers and former or current support staff over salary arrears.

“There are many principals who cannot settle in their offices to teach and discharge their administrative duties because they have no money to pay suppliers and support staff. So they are literally on the run which is dehumanising,” he added.

Auction properties

He said the funds should be released into school accounts in time to enable the managements plan for their effective utilisation.

He said some creditors had obtained court orders to auction properties of schools due to debts.

“You know if the money is released early enough the school boards will plan for it and utilise it prudently. But when they are always borrowing and incurring huge expenses and penalties, they will forever be in debt holes,” he added.

Nabulindo was speaking at Namamba Girls High School in his Constituency when he inspected several development projects undertaken through NG-CDF.

He promised to put up a new hostel to accommodate 100 students at the institution through the constituency’s funds.

He also called for timely release of NG-CDF funds to the constituencies to enable them implement their projects in stipulated timelines.  “Thousands of needy students rely on bursaries to fund their education and they always suffer a lot when the money is delayed. They are sent back home by schools which are equally struggling,” he added.

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