4 regulations Mombasa miraa traders must adhere to

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Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Nassir
Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Nassir. PHOTO/@A_S_Nassir/X

Mombasa County Governor Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir has reiterated the regulations that miraa and muguka traders must follow to avoid legal consequences.

Following a meeting with Meru leaders, including Senate Deputy Speaker Kathuri Murungi, Deputy Governor Mutuma M'Ethingia, and Martin Mworia, Nassir emphasized the importance of regulating miraa and muguka.

Mombasa regulations

He stated that Miraa shops within 100 meters of schools would be shut down, and vehicles transporting miraa must be licensed and prohibited from carrying passengers.

State proposes new miraa handling rules
Bunches of miraa crop on display for sale. PHOTO/Print

Nassir also announced the retention of a cess charge of Ksh80,000 per lorry, with all regulations to be implemented within six days.

"We will close all shops selling miraa/muguka within 100 meters of schools. Transporters of miraa/muguka must be licensed and must not transport passengers. Any person found selling miraa/muguka to minors shall be dealt with firmly. We will retain the cess charges at KES 80,000 per lorry. All trades are to comply without fail within the next 6 days or face the full force of the law," Nassir declared.

These regulations come amid a legal battle between miraa traders and the Transport Cabinet Secretary and Kenya Airports Authority over levies introduced for vehicles transporting Miraa cargo to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

The Nyambene Miraa Trade Association (NYAMITA) filed a petition at the Milimani High Court, arguing that the levies imposed by the government are unconstitutional and adversely affect miraa farmers and traders.

They assert that miraa plays a significant cultural and medicinal role, contributing to livelihoods and economic growth in Miraa-growing areas.

The petitioners contend that miraa has unique cultural significance and medicinal properties, with chewers experiencing health benefits such as reduced risk of high blood pressure and improved alertness and brain function.

Miraa's role

They highlighted miraa's role in empowering other sectors and contributing to government revenue through licenses and taxes.

Through their lawyer, Henry Kurauka, the petitioners call for the court's intervention to protect miraa farmers and traders from what they perceive as unjust and punitive charges.

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