Kajiado: Communal land elections marred by dispute over chairperson position

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 18:31 | By
Moses Monik who was contesting for the chairman position of the Keekonyokie Community Trust addressing locals at Ngong Town. PHOTO/ Christine Musa

The much-anticipated subdivision of the Keekonyokie Trust Land communal land might be delayed further after disputed elections which declared two winners.

Controversy marred the much-awaited elections after the two contesting factions conducted parallel elections at the Kibiko grounds and declared two winners for the same position.

Moses Monik and Moses Parantai, who were contesting for the chairman position, vowed to be the legitimate chairperson respectively declaring that they have officially taken the mantle of the 2,800-acre communal land situated in Kibiko Ngong.

Supporters of the duo turned up in large numbers to conduct Mlolongo elections amid tight security.

Monik and Parantai were sworn in by their respective supporters before the camps broke into celebrations.

"I am happy that the will of the majority have prevailed. Having been elected as the chairman of Keekonyokie Trust Land I want to assure all members of the Keekonyokie Community that I will ensure justice prevails in the subdivision of the land.

"Politics is over and every registered member entitled to a share will receive their rightful share irrespective of who they supported to be the chairperson. It is about the people, the people have the right to vote for who they want the majority voice is the voice of the people but both the majority and minority members have a right to a fair share of what belongs to them. I also want to commend the Keekonyokie Community for maintaining peace at all times," Monik said.

The elections came hot on the heels of an outcry of political interference and a lack of faith in the committee mandated to oversee the election.

"The will of the people is evident and I am ready to serve my people without being biased whatsoever," Parantai said.

The elections which involve 16,000 registered members were canceled two weeks ago by the County commissioner James Taari over a lack of adequate preparedness.

A section of the Keekonyokie Community Trust members at the Kibiko grounds. PHOTO/Christine Musa

A day prior, Taari directed the elections would be undertaken at a later unknown date until Tuesday when members turned up for the elections.

The communal land members had agreed to immediate subdivision of the land into individual title deeds making the chairman position a do-or-die position which saw intense campaigns and lobbying among the two contestants.

The legitimate chairman would oversee the subdivision of the multi-billion prime land.

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