Koskei: No more buying of gifts for state officers

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 04:47 | By
Head of Public Service Felix Koskei. PHOTO/ Samuel Kariuki
Head of Public Service Felix Koskei. PHOTO/ Samuel Kariuki

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei has directed against the purchase of gifts for government officers.

Speaking yesterday when he unveiled guidelines on management and terms of service for heads of state corporations at Bomas in Nairobi, Koskei said expenditures must not exceed revenues collected.

“No more power banks, diaries or Maasai shukas as giveaways. You walk into a state corporation and you would walk home with nearly a tonne of giveaways, and yet we are borrowing,” he said.

He also urged Mps to rigorously scrutinise the 2024/2025 budget and leverage technology to check improper payments and maximise value for money.

“We must do what is right, and the time is now. We must end excess capacity and ensure Kenya lives within its means, aiming to run a balanced budget within three years,” he said.

Governance challenges

He decried that state corporations face governance challenges, denying the nation the full benefits of the entities in serving the public.

He said poor governance had led to to loss of resources and become a strain on the public purse.

He directed commercial State Corporations to remit 80% of their profits after tax to the National Treasury and regulatory institutions to remit 90% of their surplus funds.

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