‘We didn’t use that fake fertilizer ya wakora’- Khalwale says as he flaunts his healthy crops

Monday, June 3rd, 2024 18:22 | By
Senator Khalwale showing his cane farm. PHOTO/@DrBKhalwale/X
Senator Khalwale showing his cane farm. PHOTO/@DrBKhalwale/X

Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale has lashed out at the government over the fake subsidised fertilizer while flaunting his well-grown and flourished crops.

The outspoken figure did not hold back as he showcased his thriving plantation, seemingly untouched by the controversial fertilizer.

As seen in a post on X (formerly Twitter), Khalwale has taken a stand against the government's fertilizer subsidy program, declaring, that he does not use fake fertilizer.

"Now on the cane farm. Again, it's a fantastic crop. For the avoidance of doubt, for both the maize and sugarcane, we did not use that fake fertiliser ya wakora. We thank God,” Khalwale wrote.

 Healthy farming

His decision to speak out and display his healthy crops serves as a direct challenge to the effectiveness and integrity of the government's agricultural support initiatives.

By openly denouncing the subsidized fertilizer and flaunting his successful harvest, he has brought attention to the plight of farmers who may have been affected by the alleged distribution of inferior inputs.

Khalwale’s move could be championing better agricultural practices and support for farmers. Khalwale’s bold stance serves as a reminder of the importance of quality inputs in ensuring a bountiful harvest. 

With his flourishing fields as evidence, Khalwale's actions have sparked a debate on the efficacy of government interventions in the agricultural sector. 

Senator Khalwale showing his cane farm. PHOTO/@DrBKhalwale/X
Senator Khalwale showing his cane farm. PHOTO/@DrBKhalwale/X

Khalwale on subsidized fertilizer

In April 2024, Khalwale requested Cabinet Secretary to Agriculture Mithika Linturi to be fired. Khalwale felt Linturi was unfit to hold office due to scandals such as the substandard fertilizer saga at the centre of his woes.

In a fiery statement, Khalwale criticized the quality of the subsidized fertilizer, accusing the government of distributing substandard products to farmers.

“There must be something fundamentally wrong with our government system because it is that wrong governance system that allows people who are saboteurs and conmen to distribute these (fertilizer) to members of the public,” Khalwale said.

Khalwale's actions have not only shed light on the challenges faced by farmers but have also ignited a conversation on the need for transparency and accountability in government-led agricultural initiatives.

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