Health Ministry outlines key actions schools must take to protect learners from floods, diseases

Saturday, May 18th, 2024 21:52 | By
Students in North Eastern. PHOTO/Print
Students in North Eastern. PHOTO/Print

Amid the ongoing flood and heavy rains, the Ministry of Health has pointed out how schools can ensure the safety of their learners.

The schools opened for the second term this week when the country was facing a flood crisis, and to ensure that the pupils and students are safe, the ministry has outlined what must be done by the learning institutions.

"The Ministry of Health is advising all school administrators, management boards, and concerned offices to take urgent measures to protect the health and safety of students during the ongoing heavy rains and potential flooding," Afya House said in a statement on X.

Eight key actions have been outlined by the ministry, which include evacuation plans that guide all schools on clear evacuation routes, and warning signals.

Water safety plan that entails treating or boiling all water used for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Promote regular handwashing and safe food preparation, and prohibit students from walking or playing in floodwaters.

Use mosquito nets and wear long sleeves in mosquito-prone areas, and ensure toilets and bathrooms are in good condition. Properly store food to avoid contamination, be vigilant for signs of disease, and report any outbreaks promptly.

"The ministry also calls on public health departments to support schools by conducting regular sanitary inspections, testing water quality, and responding promptly to any health concerns raised by schools.

"This advisory is part of the Ministry's ongoing efforts to mitigate the impacts of floods and maintain safe educational environments despite adverse weather conditions.," the statement added.


The Principal Secretary Mary Muriuki said the ministry's priority is to ensure safety in schools across the country.

“Our priority is to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students during these challenging times. We urge all school administrations to be vigilant and proactive in implementing these measures," Muriuki said.

The start of the current term was delayed following numerous cases of loss of life and destruction of property as heavy rains pounded several counties in April and May.

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