I’m at loss – Former CAS David Osiany mourns NIS officer

Thursday, June 6th, 2024 11:40 | By
NIS Officer Tom Adala. PHOTO/@tendasasa/X
NIS Officer Tom Adala. PHOTO/@tendasasa/X

Former industrialization Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) David Osiany has mourned his former varsity classmate and friend Tom Adala.

Tom who was a ranking officer at the National Intelligence Service (NIS) is reported to have harmed himself to death using his assigned rifle. 

Osiany praised Adala as a very intellectual man and explained how Tom rose through the ranks. From being an assistant director to becoming the deputy chief of staff to the director general, Adala rose as high and even became a Defense Attaché in Kenya's embassy in New York.

In Osiany's view, Adala was a great brother, who helped him establish a barber business, an initiative that was great for his business skills.

“I have known Tom from my varsity days. He has been a true big brother. We called one another Top Luo. He influenced me to get into the barber business, which he loved as evidenced by his Gentleman’s Quarter (GQ) chains across the city. I later learnt that this business, just like many others, is not for the faint hearted,” Osiany stated.

Former CAS David Osiany with his daughter. PHOTO/@DavidOsiany/X

According to Osiany, the news of Adala’s demise was shocking and learning that his death was through suicide astonished him even more.

“I am still at a loss about the demise of Adala. Reports of possible suicide are even more disturbing and heartbreaking. Why would a man with so much promise like him, who was keen on pursuing his PhD, who had experienced all motions of life terminate his dreams so brutally?”

Furthermore, Osiany revealed that he last saw Tom Adala at the Kisumu airport when he was saying farewell to his sister in March 2024.

Osiany said that Tom was equally accomplished as his father, Amb. Fanuel Adala Otuko, who was the 6th KER (Supreme Leader) of the Luo community and Kenya's first ambassador to the USSR.

NIS Officer Tom Adala found dead

54-year-old Tom Mboya had checked into his home where he lived with his nephew on Monday, June 3, 2024, and would not be seen thereafter. 

As of Tuesday, June 4, 2024, the deceased's nephew, Francis Oduor, could not locate him anywhere in his home, including upstairs.

Inquiring with the domestic help and the watchman, both of whom denied seeing his uncle, he later learned his uncle had died, before getting his body from the servant quarters.

Oduor informed his kin, who in turn contacted the police. On showing up at the scene, the officers established that Mboya opened fire at himself with a pistol. 

Also recovered from the scene was a note; the body was ferried to Lee Funeral Home as detectives opened the inquest file. 

According to police, the departed senior intelligence officer had been depressed before his tragic end.

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