CS Tuya bans grazing in public forests

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 04:55 | By
Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya in a presser. PHOTO/@HonTuya/x
Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya in a presser. PHOTO/@HonTuya/x

The government has banned livestock grazing in all public forests in a bid to make re-afforestation and environment conservation sustainable.

Speaking at Kona Baridi, Ngong in Kajiado county, Environment Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya (pictured) said livestock grazing in government forests has over the years encouraged forest encroachment, destruction and degradation.

The CS said the ministry has embarked on a forest boundary earmarking initiative to ensure the public forcefully keep off demarcated forest zones.

She said the demarcated forest zones will eventually be fenced off for easy management. “We will not allow any more grazing of livestock in all public forest. We have realised that the pasts tree planting have been a waste of time and resources because the tree seedlings planted do not survive due to uncontrolled grazing.

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