Creatives to benefit from county funds

Monday, June 10th, 2024 04:39 | By
Migori Senator Eddy Oketch.
Migori Senator Eddy Oketch. PHOTO/Print

Those in the creative industry will soon benefit from grants and funds from the county governments, to continue creating content should a new bill be enacted.

The Creative Industry Support Bill, 2024 sponsored by Migori Senator Eddy Oketch seeks to make systemic interventions to ensure adequate support to persons in the creative industry.

He proposes that the Cabinet Secretary for Education shall, in consultation with the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, put in place measures for the granting of fiscal incentives including tax incentives as shall be considered necessary for the development of creatives in the country.

“The incentives and benefits shall only be made available to members of the Guild whose names have been entered into the roll,” reads part of the Bill.

Oketch in his proposed law, argues that the needs of persons in the creative economy have traditionally taken a back seat in the priorities of the state as more emphasis is laid on mainstream sectors.

“The creative economy leverages on human creativity, innovation and ideas as a means of economic development. Citizens working in the creative industry contribute to the gross domestic product by creating employment opportunities, paying taxes as a result of the activities they are involved in,” reads part of the bill.

Oketch proposes an establishment of the Creatives Fund which shall consist of monies that may be appropriated to the Fund by Parliament and grants, donations, bequests or other gifts made to the Fund.

According to Oketch, there will be a Board which shall issue out of the Fund monies in form of grants to persons in the creative industry in accordance with a criteria determined by the Cabinet Secretary by Regulations.

The bill further proposes the creation of a credit guarantee scheme which shall help content creators access financial support and provide a framework for credit guarantee.

Financial support

“The Cabinet Secretary may, in consultation with the Board and where necessary for the development and growth of creatives under this Act, establish a credit guarantee scheme. The credit guarantee scheme shall assist in the provision of accessible financial support to creatives and provide a framework for credit guarantee for creatives.”

The bill proposes an establishment of a Guild, which is mandated to advise the Cabinet Secretary on the review and formulation of policies and legislation relating to the creative industry, conduct labour market surveys and mapping exercises of persons involved in the creative industry and put in place the most appropriate strategies that facilitate the development of the creative industry.

According to Oketch, the Guild will also formulate and implement strategies, programs and plans for the development of the creatives industry that promote growth and competitiveness within the creative industry and collaborate with the relevant institutions to facilitate the protection of the intellectual property rights of creative artists.

Oketch proposes that the Guild will also be responsible for developing a framework for the classification of sub-sectors and actors in the creative industry and establish and implement sector specific mechanisms that promote innovation and growth in each sub-sector.

“The Guild shall collect and collate information on the sectors of the creative economy that require promotion and support and implement strategies that facilitate growth in these sectors. It shall also create platforms through which persons in the creative industry may showcase their talents, products or technologies and promote the amicable resolution of conflicts arising between persons in the creative industry,” reads part of the bill.

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