Court to sentence Juja MP Thuo killers on June 21

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 04:39 | By
The late Juja MP George Thuo. PHOTO/Print
The late Juja MP George Thuo. PHOTO/Print

Porkies Club owner Paul Wainaina Boiyo alias Sheki and five others convicted over the murder of late Juja MP George Thuo will know their fate on June 21 with the widow urging the court to ensure the crime does not go unpunished.
Judy Thuo told Justice Roselyn Korir that her late husband did not die a natural death and the court should consider that when imposing its sentence on the six.
“I know there is forgiveness and I know this is a just court, but it is the life and blood of a human being. It should not be that somebody can kill someone and be set free,” Judy said.
She said Thuo was a good father, a responsible husband, loving to his brothers and friends and meant no one any harm.
“On the night he never returned home, he died in the hands of the people he was with. The evidence shows he was poisoned. He was not a drunk, he was a good father and for ten years I have come to this court so that we can have closure,” she said.
Proved case
On April 19, Justice Korir convicted club owner Paul Wainaina Boiyo alias Sheki, Thuo’s aide Christopher Lumbazio Andika alias Lumba, DJs Andrew Karanja Wainaina and Samuel Kuria Ngugi alias Visi, Esther Ndinda Mulinge, a waiter, and a patron Ruth Watahi Irungu alias Atlanta over the murder that took place at Porkies Club nine years ago.
She said the prosecution proved its case against the six adding that the evidence adduced was sufficient and not based on suspicion.
She agreed with the doctors’ reports which found that Thuo’s cause of death was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis due to poisoning.
The poison was identified as cyhalothrine pesticide which would lead to death in five to ten minutes once ingested into the body.
The poison was traced in his liver, kidney and shirt he was wearing on the material day.
“I find the forensic evidence clearly shows Thuo consumed a poisoned laced drink at Porkies Club,” said the Judge.

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