Cash transfer schemes for vulnerable groups start registering clients

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 05:00 | By
Senior citizens
Senior citizens. PHOTO/Print

The government yesterday began registering new households that are potential beneficiaries of aid programmes for orphans and people with severe disabilities who were listed in September 2023.

The registration is for the Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) and for Persons with Severe Disability Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT) programmes. It will be done by two directorates - Children’s Services and Social Development – and will run for only 10 days.

Older persons who were listed in September 2023 will also be helped to open bank accounts. The registration process for all the groups will take place at centres nationwide, and the potential beneficiaries can only be registered where they were listed. “Beneficiaries MUST have their original national IDs and the birth documents of children in the case of CT-OVC and any other supporting documents. In case of any enquires, please reach out to the Sub-County Children’s office and/or the Social Development Office, at the DCC’s compound,” the government said in a statement yesterday.

The registration comes as officials announced that the government had increased allocations for  social protection programmes by Sh2.5 billion to Sh33.5 billion in 2023/2024.

The government intends to continue funding various affirmative action and social protection initiatives through the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF), Youth Enterprise Development Fund and the cash transfer programme for the elderly in 2023/24.

The number of Kenyans expected to benefit from WEF will increase significantly from 59,500 in 2022/23 to 728,000 thousand in 2023/24, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics says.

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