Mombasa governor Nassir reprimands Gachagua for blaming Noordin Haji over protests

Thursday, June 27th, 2024 22:07 | By
Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir
Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir. PHOTO/@A_S_Nassir/X

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir has slammed Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over his recent remarks on National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director General Noordin Haji.

In a statement released on June 27, 2024, Nassir asked the Deputy President to respect his position being the second highest ranking in the land. He added that his capacity was a responsibility and not a position that should be used to preserve and protect rather than to launch personal attacks.

Nassir referred to the recent statement made by Gachagua on June 26, 2024, when he criticised Haji for the recent anti-government protests, referring to him as the weakest link in their administration. 

According to Nassir, Gachagua was only shifting the blame on Haji and using him as a decoy to avoid addressing the real differences in their administration.

“We call upon the Deputy President to follow the lead of our young people and focus on issues rather than using this solemn moment in history to fight personal wars. This current narrative against Hajj is a weak attempt at creating a political scapegoat for internal differences within his political formation,” Nassir remarked.

Governor Nassir added that Gachagua handled the situation unprocedurally, and only exposed the institution of the presidency and security to ridicule.

Additionally, Nassir said that the timing at which Gachagua chose to discuss these sensitive matters publicly was wrong and would fuel much confusion among Kenyans.

“These unbecoming utterances go against the solemn oath that Mr. Gachagua took. At a time when the young generation has lost faith in the direction the country is moving, such remarks only serve to fuel confusion and public anger. 

“It is regrettable that the Deputy President would casually discuss sensitive security matters in public instead of in the constitutional body - the National Security Council in which he is a member,”

Further, Nassir blamed Gachagua's ignorance for not reading the current mood regarding over-taxation which he took part in. Additionally, he called out Gachagua for not foreseeing the implications of the finance bill 2024 and the political unrest that accompanied it.

“Moreover, the Deputy President chairs all cabinet sub-committees. He bears significant responsibility for the defunct Finance Bill 2024 and the subsequent political unrest.

Gachagua cannot claim ignorance of the public mood regarding over-taxation when he was at the front leading this conversation until his recent political schism with his partners in the Kenya Kwanza Administration,” Nassir added.

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