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‘High cost of food is a world affair’ – CS Alfred Mutua

Thursday, July 20th, 2023 13:45 | By
Foreign Affairs CS Dr Alfred Mutua
Foreign Affairs CS Dr Alfred Mutua. PHOTO/@DrAlfredMutua/Twitter

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua says the high cost of living is a global affair affecting several countries in the world.

Speaking during a meeting with Diplomatic Corps on the demonstrations in Kenya, Mutua accused the opposition of engaging in economic sabotage in the name of protests against the high cost of living.

"There are those, having refused to accept political defeat have now turned to what amounts to acts of economic sabotage in the name of street protests," Mutua stated.

"You are all aware of the many factors at play that have caused an inflationary spiral in many countries around the world. Nations that have never witnessed surging inflation now find themselves near the double-digit territory. In simple terms, I am saying the high cost of food is not as localised as some people would like the average Kenyan to believe."

The opposition is protesting the high cost of living, reconstitution of the electoral commission and government "raid" into opposition parties among other issues.

Despite calls for dialogue between the opposition and the government, the two sides have remained adamant, with the opposition vowing to press on with protests.

On the other hand, the government has vowed that it will not allow protests.

As a result, there have been clashes between the police and protestors, which have led to the death of some protestors and the injury of others.

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