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Opposition MPs will reject 2024 Finance Bill, vows Kalonzo

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 00:30 | By
Kalonzo Musyoka
Kalonzo Musyoka. PHOTO/Print

Wiper Democratic party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has asked Kenyans to brace themselves for a political revolution over the punitive taxes which are continuously being imposed on them by president William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government.

Kalonzo said that Kenyans have now reached a point of saying ‘No’ to  more taxes which he said were hurting and adversely affecting the middle class and poor Kenyans.

He said Kenyans have been suffering in silence over the punitive taxes and president Ruto has now come to think that their silence means that they are cowards. He maintained it was high time the president is told that Kenyans will no longer accept the punitive taxes.

Firm instructions

`He said that the Azimio la Umoja coalition MPs are under firm instructions to reject the 2024 Financial bill once it is brought for debate in the National Assembly, warning that those from the opposition who will support it will be dealt with accordingly.

“Our MPs are under instructions to reject the bill and those in Kenya Kwanza who see sense that the Finance bill will hurt Kenyans if implemented will join them and reject it equally,” he stated.

Speaking during a burial ceremony in Borabu constituency in Nyamira county over the weekend, Kalonzo said that president Ruto was determined to reduce Kenyans into paupers by crippling them financially.

“This 2024 Finance Bill is about president William Ruto and the middle-class Kenyans who he wants to kill because of his political survival in 2027,” he added.

Punitive tax

He said that during Ruto’s campaigns, he pretended that he was fighting for the poor and the common man but when he took over the leadership, he started oppressing them.

 “These punitive taxes are meant to make Kenyans more vulnerable so that he can easily manipulate them before the next general elections. We can’t tolerate these taxes anymore and I am asking all Kenyans to rise up and resist them at all costs,” he added.

Former Borabu MP Ben Momanyi who attended the burial asked Kenyans to reject Ruto’s leadership which he said was full of impunity, dictatorship and conmanship.

He said that it was unfortunate that Ruto could lie to Kenyans that he spent only Sh10 million for the private jet during his recent trip to the USA and called for the formation of commission inquiry to ascertain the truth regarding the trip.

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