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Mt Kenya region rivalry intensifies

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 02:15 | By
Gatundu North MP Elijah Njoroge Kururia
Gatundu North MP Elijah Njoroge Kururia. PHOTO/Print

Supremacy battles over Mt Kenya kingship have intensified leaving the most populous region in the country under a cloud of confusion.

Two camps, one led by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and another stewarded by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, have emerged, dividing politicians in the region including MPs and governors down in the middle.

As the camps continue to shadow-box for the control of the regions’ precious political soul, it has emerged young politicians have endorsed Nyoro’s kingship, detonating the political tiff.

According to Gatundu North MP Elijah Njoroge Kururia, a youthful parliamentarian who was elected on an independent ticket, Nyoro is the kingpin of the region that boasts enormous resources.

Attack on Gachagua

Kururia who spoke to journalists in Gatundu said, in a seemingly scathing attack to Gachagua, no one should force himself or force others to support him.

“No one should be bossy to others and or force them to back his political aspirations. We know who we want and this time round we have decided to rally behind youngsters. We are all behind Ndindi Nyoro and we know he is the kingpin of Mt Kenya region,” said Kururia.

Kururia said that while President William Ruto is the political leader of the region, Nyoro has the blessings of the community to lead them as the monarch and as such, his political nemesis should stop fighting his determination.

The scrimmage between the two camps has brought to the fore what appears to be a building up rebellion against Gachagua who has recently been criticized by leaders and the public over his call for implementation of one-man one-vote one-shilling revenue sharing formula that seeks to increase the allocation disbursed to Central Kenya owing to the region’s huge population.

“The government was formed by President William Ruto who managed to gather massive support across the country. This therefore means that the political kingpin for Mt Kenya is President Ruto because he has the majority political support from the region owing to the number of MPs his party sponsored in parliament,” said Kururia.

Achieve development

But another faction of leaders have vowed to rally behind Gachagua, saying the region must be united to achieve social-economic developments.

The leaders behind Gachagua’s call for unity led by Maragua MP Mary Waithera took issue with some political quotas driving an agenda to belittle, demean and ridicule Gachagua.

MP Waithera who is serving his second term in office insisted that all politics begin at the village level and those calling Gachagua a villager should join him in unifying the region for the better good of people therein.

“Those insulting Gachagua and those being used to drive a narrative against our son should know that politics and everything else start from the village level up to the national level. Why people are perturbed by deputy president’s call for unity in his backyard leaves a lot of questions,” said MP Waithera.

She stated that the forces fueling conflicts within the region are afraid of its unity of purpose due to its useful population of voters.

On Sunday, DP Gachagua persisted in his calls for unity of purpose in the region saying it has unique challenges that require to be addressed.

“Unity starts from the family level to the village, to the location, sub-county, county, regional and ultimately to the country. I have done what is possible within my limited abilities, let people not create narratives that do not exist,” said Gachagua.

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