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Khalwale tells off Wetangula on his Mulembe unity push

Friday, June 7th, 2024 12:12 | By
Senator Boni Khalwale. PHOTO/@DrBKhalwale/X
Senator Boni Khalwale. PHOTO/@DrBKhalwale/X

Senator Boni Khalwale expressed displeasure and blasted the Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetang'ula after he reiterated his calls for Western unity.

Khalwale claimed Wetangula's meeting with Kakamega MCAs was merely an attempt to create the impression of being the region's kingpin through diplomatic statements and photos.

The senator noted that Wetangula's focus created a false impression of the debate over regions' kingpins.

As Khalwale pointed out there are more pressing issues such as elevating Kakamega to a city rather than fighting for the next kingpin position.

Furthermore, he advocated that Wetangula should use his power for more pressing matters, such as restructuring Kakamega's regional political and commercial centre through the creation of an international airport.

“We hope to further this vision with an international airport in Kakamega and its elevation to city status. Stop fighting this,” Khalwale said.

In addition, Boni pointed out that Wetangula's decision to hold the meeting was insulting to the Kakamega pioneers who supported Ruto's win.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya Moses Wetang'ula PHOTO/@NAssemblyKE/X
Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya Moses Wetang'ula. PHOTO/@NAssemblyKE/X

Although they were welcomed into the new government, Khalwale noted that it is not Wetangula's responsibility to push the Kakamega agenda.

He noted that while they were busy campaigning for president Ruto, Wetangula and Mudavadi were busy whining and dining with the current team of opposition.

Wetangula’s Kakamega meeting

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Wetangula met over 60 MCAs to discuss regional matters. The issue of regional unity dominated the meeting with leaders advocating for togetherness in advancing their issues.

"I held a consultative meeting with over 60 MCAs from Kakamega County to discuss regional matters, inclusive of how to unify the community," part of a statement by Wetang'ula read.

In the meeting, the National Assembly Speaker indicated that discussions were focused on how to legalize the ward fund to help MCAs carry out their duties effectively.

"We also discussed specific issues touching on the County Assembly such as how to constitutionalise the Ward Fund, Pension, Independence of the County Assembly and gazettement of the Kakamega Level Six Referral Hospital," Wetang'ula added.

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