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Senator Cheruiyot announces plan on proposed taxes, asks Kenyans to persevere harsh economic times

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 10:32 | By
Senator Aaron Cheruiyot PHOTO/@Aaroncheruiyot.X
Senator Aaron Cheruiyot PHOTO/@Aaroncheruiyot/X

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot has announced a plan for Kenya Kwanza leaders to meet and discuss critical issues affecting Kenyans and the new tax proposals.

Speaking during a public address on June 11, 2024, Cheruiyot urged Kenyans to be patient while Kenya Kwanza leaders meet to devise effective strategies for dealing with the huge debt crisis.

“Tutakuwa na mkutano na mjadala na wabunge wote wa Kenya Kwanza, tuskie ile maoni wakenya wametoa, turekebishe ile mzuri na tuhakikishe kwamba tumechanga fedha mzuri ili tuweze kulipa madeni na tufanye maendeleo hapa Kenya,” Senator Cheruiyot stated.

Regarding new tax proposals, Cheruiyot suggested that things might seem hard for Kenyans for a while, he, however, noted that the economy will be manageable in the long run.

“Kama kuna pahali mzito, wakenya wavumilie kidogo mambo sio ngumu sana kufikia kiasi amabaye tutasema tuwachilie,” Cheruiyot said.

Senator Aaron Cheruiyot and President William Ruto. PHOTO/@Aaroncheruiyot.X
Senator Aaron Cheruiyot and President William Ruto. PHOTO/@Aaroncheruiyot.X

Revenue sharing formula

Speaking during a fundraiser in Bomet County, Cheruiyot criticized the timing and relevance of the current push for revenue sharing formula of one man, one vote, one shilling.

As far as revenue sharing is concerned, Cheruiyot cited that the matter should remain within the mandate of the Senate, which has the authority to handle it.

“It is useless to politicise the issue of revenue sharing. The Senate has the responsibility to deliberate on revenue sharing, and other parties should not interfere with this legislative duty,” Cheruiyot stated.

In his statement, he noted that the current generation formula, which is used for resource allocation, was passed almost four years ago, and any changes have to be carefully considered by the mandated bodies.

The formula, which has been endorsed by a section of leaders including Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, a section of Mt. Kenya leaders, and Azimio Leader Raila Odinga, advocates for the allocation of resources based on population.

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