Author: Ann Wairimu

Breaking chains for true equality

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all have biases when it comes to gender roles. From pre-conceived ideas about the kinds of roles men and […]

How to overcome challenges, convert children’s rights into a reality

Reading Time: 2 minutes Growing up, the words ‘child rights’ were rare to hear in many homesteads. In our patriarchal society, children, just like […]

Incarceration of juveniles should be last resort, says study

Reading Time: 4 minutes Criminal justice agencies have not managed to effectively address rehabilitation needs of children in conflict with the law, a new […]

People Daily reporter wins the 2023 James Currey Prize for African Literature

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kenyan author and People Daily contributor Peter Ngila Njeri has emerged the winner of the 2023 James Currey Prize for […]

Sneak out or say goodbye?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it is time to leave for work, Susan Nekesa’s two-year-old daughter’s reaction can be anything from a kiss and […]

From newsroom to the ‘ground’ to fight sexual, gender violence

Reading Time: 4 minutes For two decades, veteran journalist Dorothy Jebet churned out features on women and girls, especially those that touched on abuse, […]

Kenyans are happier in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kenyans have high levels of happiness than their East African counterparts, according to World Happiness Report that also ranked the […]

10 facts you should know about cardiac arrest

Reading Time: 3 minutes 1. It is highly fatal A cardiac arrest has an extremely high mortality rate. Around 95 per cent who experience […]